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Do we have news for you!

*New show*
On Saturday 30 September we present a brand new show: /Under the 
Influence... of light/, with the talented Hungarian lighting and video 
artist Emese Csornai.
As audiences and actors, we often take stage lighting for granted. But 
it has an enormous impact - and there are no rules! So what happens if 
we simply start from black? If light becomes an actor? If actors can 
become the light? Together we will use the power of light, shadow, 
colour, projection, movement, and effects to create and explore the 
worlds of our combined imagination.
Theater de Cameleon, 8.30pm, 30 September. All seats EUR10.
Reservations at http://www.decameleon.nl/reserveren.php or call/text 
Ralph on 06-52336662.

*US tour + fundraiser lottery*
US improv ensemble Alligator Mouth have invited us to come and perform 
in New York State! And we're going! Yay! Since we have no Dutch funding 
or subsidies, we need to raise some money. We're holding a huge lottery 
after the show, with dozens of extraordinary prizes. More details and a 
video clip are on the way in a separate email, but for now: if you'd 
like to help us get to the US, please keep 30 September free, pass this 
email on to your friends, and watch this space!

Ralph de Rijke, Hans Kuykens, Hannah Borst, Grainne Delaney, Emese Csornai

Theater de Cameleon: http://www.decameleon.nl  (map: 
Emese Csornai: http://www.emesecsornai.com <http://www.emesecsornai.com/>
more on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=wall&gid=185656174289

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