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Monday 23 January, 2012
Under the Influence... of Puppets. in reprise

Impromptu is proud to be invited on the Amsterdam International Improv festival<www.impro-amsterdam.nl> to once again play this intriguing show under the influence of Puppeteer Bert Apeldoorn

Bert brings the puppet, you bring the seed of the story together we make the magic happen.

Show start approx: 22.00pm
Reservations: www.rozentheater.nl / 020-6207953
Venue: Rozentheater, Rozengracht 117, 1016 LV Amsterdam


Bert Apeldoorn<http://www.bertapeldoorn.com> has been active as an actor for over 20 years in different disciplines. He appeared in different pieces in Het Brandtheater, Noordelijk Theater De Voorziening, The Stalhouderij Theatre Company, The Amsterdam Chamber Theatre, Würz en Het Arsenaal. His early roots are in improv theatre. Later he picked up puppetry and created the piece "Renfield, Bloed is Leven". After that he worked in several puppetry productions of Theater Terra.

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Impromptu<http://www.impromptu.nl> (Ralph de Rijke, Hans Kuykens, Grainne Delaney, Hannah Borst) is an Amsterdam-based music improv theatre group that has built an international reputation with a decade of ground-breaking work to bring music, sound and movement to centre stage in improv theatre.

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