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Thu Jan 19 12:58:20 CET 2012

*We forgot to tell you this**about our next show!

*Our show at IMPRO Amsterdam, the city's annual international improv 
theatre festival, starts in the small theatre upstairs in the 
Rozentheater at around 10.30pm - about 15 minutes after the end of the 
main show downstairs. Tickets *cannot* be reserved by phone, and 
admission is *only* with a ticket to the main show. And seating is 

*So come to the whole thing! It's going to be a fantastic evening: 
*/Solo de Impro/ by the international improviser Omar Galvan, /Thank You 
For The Music/ by Roemer Lievaart and Michiel Rampaart, and /Under the 
Influence... of Puppets/ with us. The main show starts at 8pm.

*Coming? Then buy your tickets online (link below) now, as they are 
always sold out on the night!*

Love from Ralph de Rijke, Hans Kuykens, Hannah Borst, Grainne Delaney, 
and Bert Apeldoorn

Rozentheater (and tickets): 
IMPRO Amsterdam: http://www.impro-amsterdam.nl/
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